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By Dipanshu Vijay -

Business Automation Expert/ CA/ CMA/ Author / TEDx Speaker/ Guinness World Record Holder

1st June 2024

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5 Rated By 26,000+ Business Owners For This Live Masterclass

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7 Smart Automation Strategies and Tools to Save minimum 4-5 Hrs. of Premium Work-Hours of Your’s and Your Team everyday with Easy to Adopt Technology

System to Run and Track Your Business Using Mobile Sitting Anywhere in the World

How to Generate and Convert Leads Drastically using Whatsapp Automation without any tech know how/ or being dependent on third party agencies and

A simple system to Automate Almost Every Operation in your business and have much more FREE TIME to focus on your growth

Live Masterclass Starts on Saturday, 1st June 2024, at 11:00 Am

Success Story

Pinal Shah

Manufacturer – Pinal Shah 13 years old Company, 32 Team members (UPDAK CREATION, Manufacturing of Packaging Boxes,, Mumbai)


  • Used to delegate all task verbally to team and had to follow up verbally 3-4 times for work, so much work delays were there.
  • No leads tracking system was in place, 100% leads used to remember in mind and majorly used to lose because of delayed or no follow up.
  • All Quotations and Billing was manual and too much time taking.
  • Inventory mismatch because of no live tracking.
  • Too much delay in customer payment collections.


Implemented –

  • Task Delegation and Tracking System 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
  • Customer Collection System
  • Auto Quotation and Billing System and Inventory Management System as well


  • Team now takes completing tasks as competition and shows more enthusiasm to do work faster. Team performance enhanced to 3X at least.
  • 1.20 Crores of Business got in the 1st week of getting an automated CRM system in place.  Even customers are so satisfied now.
  • Now quotations and invoices are going on 1 click over Whatsapp and Email of customers. No more personal dependency, but process driven.
  • Inventory management also became a real time update on cloud. This process optimized now.
  • Due to automated payment reminders, we are getting faster payment collection.

⭐But, who am I to invite you to this Great Masterclass?⭐

Hi I’m Dipanshu –

Business Automation Expert/ CA/ CMA/ Author / TEDx Speaker/ Guinness World Record Holder

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5 Rated By 26,000+ Business Owners

  • Dipanshu Vijay is a qualified (Chartered Accountant) and CMA (Cost & Management Accountant)
  • Earlier worked with India’s Big Business Houses like Reliance Industries, Aditya Birla, Jindal, E&Y (Big 4), Mitsubishi Corp., Adidas as a Risk & Process consultant. Turned into Award winning Operational Effieiency & Business Automation Expert.
  • Author of 2 Books, TEDx Speaker, Guinness World Record Holder and India’s No. 1 Business Automation Expert awarded by Enterpreneur Forum of India
  • Helped more than 26000 Businesses in automating their Business Operations like Sales, Marketing, Accounts, Finance, HR, Team Management, Reporting etc with the help of Google Applications (Google Sheets, Forms, Sites) and Whatsapp Automations.

Provided training in over 60+ corporate organizations

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Few testimonials from our past workshop attendees…

Success Story

Devanand Dighole

Real Estate – Devanand Dighole 10+ Years in Business, Mumbai (Homeland Realtors, Mumbai)


  • Was not able to track all team members for clients property visits, what is the status etc.
  • Clients data was not centrally organized and no customer nurturing system
  • Was managing 19+ team members, giving all work manually and chasing whole day for work
  • Was remembering all leaves of teams in mind, who is coming who is not coming, no system in place


  • Implemented an automated property management CRM system
  • Enhanced client communication with automated updates over Whatsapp and Emails
  • Team Task Delegation and Tracking System and Attendance and Payroll system implemented


  • Increased the Sales by more than 30%, Due to Timely Auto Follow Ups and enhanced Customer communication.
  • Increased client satisfaction with personalized property recommendations.
  • Team Efficiency accelerated to 4X, Since all reminders are going over whatsapp and emails for any tasks also. Timely work getting done.
  • Due to lead closure systems in place, the team is closing more deals and much faster than earlier.

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Success Story

Sunil Kumar

Trading Scientific Instruments – last 30-32 years in Business (Kumar Instruments, Delhi)


  • Whole Business was offline
  • Was having fear from technology, was not even knowing Microsoft Excel.
  • Clients contact Data unorganized, no customer communication and nurturing system


  • Started big time adopting Online ways to increasing Business
  • Using WhatsApp Automation and Email Automation
  • Implemented Centralized leads Management System 
  • Shifted entire business work from offline to Google Sheets, Forms, Sites and Other G-Suite Tools


  • Sales increased by more than 40% in last 3 – 4 months
  • Team Management and Communication improved a lot, Online Tracking and Performance reporting is in Mobile now.
  • Easy access sitting anywhere in the world, his business data using Mobile. Kul Milakar Sukoon and Shanti a gayi hai Life me.

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Success Story

Surendra Kumar Tiwari

Multistate Pest Control and Water Treatment Services (Mourier R.O. Systems Pvt. Ltd., Delhi)


  • Tried so many CRMs earlier but all obsoleted in some time, could not get betterment in leads management, Sales was quite down
  • No team members reviews & performance tracking system, unaware what exactly they are doing all the time.
  • Many customers complaints unattended, no proper customer service and support system
  • Unstructured inventory in pest control as well in water treatment business.


  • Implemented centralized and automated CRM system with Whatsapp and Email integration
  • Team task delegation and tracking system is in place now
  • Customer help desk system, client feedback management system implemented.
  • Accounts and Financial Tracking System and Inventory Management System got installed.


  • Where data was lost earlier, started getting more and more business from the same data now, acquired more than 50% business last year because of this automation.
  • Improved client satisfaction scores by 25%+ Today all communication goes instantly whether It is for booking, support or billing.
  • Increased Revenue by more than 200% this year.

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Business Automation Revolution 4.0

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